Best Elegant & Chic Rooftop Bars in the world

Billionaire Grill & Bar

$$$$ Marine Park Road, 80200, Malindi
Italian Fine dining Premium Casual Family Style Elegant & Chic Pizzeria Cocktail Bar
The Billionaire Grill & Bar is the vibrant soul of the Billionaire Resort & Retreat. Proudly owning its space on the beach of the Resort, the Billionaire Grill & Bar offers the best Italian and fusion cuisine and vibrant ambience that has made the Billionaire group an undisputed leader in curated gastronomic experiences. The evenings take the extravaganza to a different level when a sensual atmosphere and a carefully selected musical repertoire and events bring the nights into an unforgettable experience.

Garden Rooftop - Rooftop Bars & Restaurant

$$$$ 10th floor, above Assembly Hotel, 31 Charing Cross Rd, WC2H 0LS, Westminster, London
International Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Garden Rooftop is a bar that prides itself with panoramic views of London and is situated in the heart of the West End. Taking over the 10th floor of Assembly Hotel on Charing Cross Road, Garden Rooftop features pared-back, classic interiors offering every seat in Garden Rooftop spectacular views across central London, with seasonal food, signature cocktails to adorn your senses. Garden Rooftop is for your special dinner, easy weekend brunch, the quick pint after work, late afternoon coffee, or a lazy, refreshing cocktail all set to the picture-perfect backdrop of London’s skyline.

La Terrazza - Italian Restaurant

$$$$ 4th Floor, Green House Mall, Ngong Rd, 00505, Kilimani, Nairobi
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
La Terrazza Italian Restaurant, Lounge & Art Gallery is a restaurant located on the 4th floor of the Greenhouse Mall along Ngong Road. La Terrazza offers its guests a unique Italian experience. Guests get the opportunity to visit a beautiful art gallery and, at the same time, get authentic and flavorful Italian cuisine paired with wine from the heart of Italy. Located on the rooftop, La Terrazza offers a scenic view of the general Kilimani area that is beautifully lit under the night sky. Open for lunch and dinner every day of the week; the restaurant has an expansive menu for you to choose from. At La Terrazza, tradition meets sophistication in our menu, which features a splendid array of classic Italian dishes. Each recipe has been carefully crafted to bring out the authentic flavours of Italy, from succulent pasta and risotto to exquisite seafood and artisanal pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Our ingredients are sourced locally from the best Italian producers to ensure freshness and authenticity. The restaurant's ambience reflects the rustic charm of the Italian countryside blended with chic urban elements. The open terrace, from which our restaurant gets its name, provides a tranquil setting ideal for dining under the stars or enjoying a leisurely lunch in the gentle Nairobi breeze.

The Crown Rooftop & Dining

$$$ Street, Rruga George W. Bush, 1001, Tirana
Italian French International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic Cocktail Bar
The Crown Rooftop & Dining in Tirana, Albania, is an exquisite culinary destination that offers a unique blend of gastronomic delight and scenic beauty. Situated atop one of the city's elegant buildings, this rooftop restaurant and bar provides a stunning 360-degree view of Tirana's bustling streets and the distant rolling hills, making it a perfect spot for daytime and evening outings. The decor of The Crown is a testament to contemporary sophistication, with a touch of local flair. The interior is characterized by its sleek, modern furnishings, interspersed with traditional Albanian elements, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Large windows and an open-air terrace allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking surroundings, whether enjoying a meal or a drink. The Crown's menu is a fusion of international cuisine and local flavours, offering dishes that cater to various tastes. Specializing in fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the chefs at The Crown create a range of delicious entrées, main courses, and desserts, each presented with artistic flair. The dining experience is elevated by an extensive selection of fine wines, artisanal cocktails, and premium spirits, carefully chosen to complement the flavours of the food.

The Roof

$$ Infinity Business Park, 4 Peter Weinning Road, Fourways, 2191, Johannesburg
International European Middle Eastern Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The Roof Bryanston is the perfect weekend venue for a delicious meal and drinks with friends. The Roof Fourways is open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and closed to the public on weekends, but it is available to book for a private function on the weekend! Our newest venue is located in the heart of Bryanston. We boast one of the best views of Sandton City and the surrounding city landscape and skyline. The Roof Bryanston is the perfect location for warm summer sunsets & delicious cocktails. The Roof Bryanston is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday. The Roof Bryanston is the ideal spot for sundowners! With a large variety of delicious tapas, from falafels to sliders, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

AURUM Restaurant

$$$ Level 7, The Leonardo, 75 Maude St, Sandown, 2196, Johannesburg
European Elegant & Chic
AURUM is a modern, independent high-end restaurant in Africa’s most prestigious building - The Leonardo. We purport to serve our interpretation of contemporary cuisine, matched by a local-focused and personally curated wine list. With the belief that every ingredient has a place and purpose and that remarkable cuisine comes from the purest ingredients, our team goes beyond creating ordinary dishes and telling a story from seed to plate and trusting nature to produce elements in the commitment to showcasing brilliant cuisine. Through this passion for sourcing the best products in curating the purest flavours, we acquire our daily basket of exotic herbs, aromatics, vegetables and unique hybrids from local farmers. Respecting each special ingredient, AURUM curates seasonal plates in an ode to sustainability.

Forti Grill And Bar

$$$ Time Square, 209 Aramist Ave, 0010, Pretoria
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Nestled at the top of the Times Square Casino in Menlyn, Pretoria, Forti Grill and Bar is ideally situated to give you a view of Eastern Pretoria like no other. Forti's menu has been painstakingly crafted with his years of experience and his insatiable love of food - drawing inspiration from his Italian heritage and combining it with what can only be described as 'uniquely Forti' - a combination that's become famous in foodie circles in South Africa. Forti Grill and Bar has an extensive wine, spirit and gin selection, able to please even the most discerning connoisseur's desires, from the top South African wineries to exclusive international vineyards. For the guests that enjoy a quality cigar, there's a fully stocked humidor with cigars from some of the top brands worldwide. With its contemporary decor and striking artwork, the atmosphere matches the food, classically inspired yet undoubtedly modern. The options are endless, with two private dining areas: a celebration, a business meeting or a simple, intimate gathering. Italian, romantic, fine dining, one of the best in Pretoria and Gauteng - all of these describe Forti Grill and Bar, but to us, the most important one is family.

Level 8 Rooftop Bar

$$ Hyatt Regency Dar Es Salaam, 24 Kivukoni Rd, , Dar es Salaam
International Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Level 8 Rooftop Bar, situated atop one of Dar es Salaam's tallest buildings, offers a chic and contemporary dining experience with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Indian Ocean beyond. Renowned for its dynamic atmosphere, innovative cocktails, and delectable menu, this rooftop bar is a popular destination for locals and travellers alike. The menu at Level 8 Rooftop Bar is a testament to culinary diversity, featuring a blend of international cuisine with a Tanzanian twist. The chefs take pride in using locally-sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both flavorful and visually appealing. Signature dishes include "The Level 8 Burger," a gourmet burger featuring Tanzanian beef, fresh lettuce, and a unique tangy sauce, and the "Zanzibar Prawn Linguini," an Italian-inspired dish with a touch of coastal Tanzania. For those with a sweet tooth, the "Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mango Coulis" provides a light, refreshing finish to any meal. Level 8 Rooftop Bar offers an atmosphere that is vibrant and sophisticated. Its modern design, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting provide a welcoming setting for various occasions. The open-air layout allows patrons to enjoy the tropical weather while enjoying their meals.


$$ Ghana St &, Kibo St, , Dar es Salaam
International Fine dining Elegant & Chic
SkyBar at Onomo is a high-end dining venue that graces the rooftop of the stylish Onomo Hotel in Dar es Salaam. With its superb location, remarkable city views, and exquisite cuisine, SkyBar has established itself as a premier dining and socializing spot, offering an unforgettable experience to all its guests. Essential dishes include the "Grilled Lobster," locally sourced and prepared with a delicate sauce that enhances its natural flavours, and the "Kuku Wa Paka," a traditional Tanzanian dish featuring chicken in a creamy coconut sauce. For those who appreciate a sweet ending to their meal, the "Tropical Fruit Tart", made with seasonally fresh fruits, is a must-try. The atmosphere at SkyBar at Onomo is one of chic sophistication. The modern, sleek design, coupled with tastefully selected furnishings, creates a space that is both comfortable and stylish. Glass walls ensure that the remarkable city views remain unobstructed, providing guests with an unmatched dining backdrop. During the day, SkyBar is bathed in the warm, natural light of the Tanzanian sun, creating a peaceful environment for a relaxed meal or a catch-up with friends. As night falls, the space transforms into a vibrant venue bathed in the soft glow of ambient lighting, where the city's skyline creates a dazzling display.

Skybar Zanzibar By Nungwi Dreams

$$$ Nungwi Rd, , Nungwi
European Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Skybar Zanzibar by Nungwi Dreams offers a luxury dining experience that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Tanzania. Perched atop the Nungwi Dreams Hotel, this rooftop bar and restaurant promises a blend of mouth-watering cuisine, creative cocktails, and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, all presented in a chic and contemporary setting. Skybar Zanzibar's menu is a celebration of local flavours and international influences. The culinary team takes pride in crafting dishes made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally from the fertile lands of Tanzania and the abundant Indian Ocean. Among the standout dishes are the "Zanzibar Spice Marinated Grilled Fish," a tribute to the rich local fishing tradition, and the "East African Nyama Choma Platter," featuring a variety of grilled meats marinated with local spices. The "Tropical Fruit Pavlova" showcases the region's fresh fruits in a light and airy meringue nest for dessert. The atmosphere at Skybar Zanzibar by Nungwi Dreams is one of relaxed elegance. Its minimalist design, combined with subtle African touches, creates an ambience of sophistication without pretension. The open-air setting allows for unobstructed views of the sky and sea, giving guests the sensation of dining amidst the stars and the waves.

Lumi - Restaurante & Bar

$$$ R. De São Pedro De Alcântara 35, 1250-237, Lisbon
Portuguese Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Enjoy a delicious contemporary menu from Chef Joao Silva, with spectacular views overlooking Lisbon’s skyline and the Tagus River.

BAHR & Terrace

$$$ Praça Luís De Camões Nº 2, 1200-243, Lisbon
Portuguese European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The terrace of BAHR was designed to be the extension of the restaurant. A contemporary and pleasant space where you can enjoy a seasonal light meal, appreciating a stunning view over the Tejo river and the roofs of Lisbon. It’s impossible to resist it, whether for you to sunbathe with a cool drink in your hand or to be delighted with a unique sunset. Let yourself be here while, around you, life happens at the typical pace of Bairro Alto.

Phos Restaurant

$$$ Πλατύς Γιαλό, 846 00, Mykonos
Greek Elegant & Chic
Welcome to Phos Restaurant on the island of Mykonos! A place bathed by natural sunlight, encompassing the concept of a luxurious, polished sailboat. In an entirely serene environment, everything resembles the deck of a yacht that will take you on a journey of the senses—a journey of tastes, aromas, sounds, textures and mesmerizing images. The scenery is breathtaking, while Greek & Mediterranean dishes are celebrated with unique touches of modernity. Gracefully located just a few minutes on foot from the famous Psarou beach and Platis Gialos, Phos is easily accessible from any part of Mykonos. Using only the finest high-quality local products, an incredibly skilled and talented team of professionals creates gastronomic wonders on a plate. Enjoy the marvelous cuisine, the exquisite wine list and the exhilarating ambience. High-end, immaculate services complete a paramount dining experience by the sea!

Illyrian Garden

$$$ Lagjia 17, Rruga Dalip Peza, Pallati 14/1, Kati 14, 2001, Durrës
International European Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Cocktail Bar
Illyrian Garden, nestled in the picturesque city of Durazzo (Durrës), Albania, is a serene and enchanting garden restaurant that offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This hidden gem, surrounded by lush greenery and beautifully landscaped gardens, provides a tranquil oasis that captivates the senses and soothes the soul. The setting of Illyrian Garden is nothing short of magical. The outdoor dining area is set amidst various flowering plants, shrubs, and tall trees, creating a canopy of greenery that adds to the ambience. The garden is meticulously maintained, with winding pathways, softly lit lanterns, and quaint seating areas that invite guests to relax and unwind. Illyrian Garden's menu celebrates Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine, featuring dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The culinary offerings range from traditional Albanian specialities to contemporary Mediterranean fare, all prepared with a focus on flavour and presentation. Guests can enjoy a variety of appetizers, salads, main courses, and delectable desserts, each reflecting the region's rich culinary heritage.

Eleven BCN

$$$ Rambla De Catalunya, 26, 08007, Barcelona
Spanish International European Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Delight your palate and enjoy the view from the Eleven BCN. Located on the 11th floor and with 360º views over the city makes this the perfect place to relax and enjoy sunsets and exclusive evenings. Combine this with some of the best cocktails in the world and get ready to experience the best Barcelona has to offer.

La Tour D’Argent

$$$$ 19 Quai De La Tournelle, 75005, Paris
French Fine dining Elegant & Chic
La Tour d'Argent is a legendary and historic restaurant in Paris, France, known for its exquisite French cuisine and unparalleled views over the Seine and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Established in 1582, the restaurant is steeped in history and exudes an old-world charm, making it a symbol of the culinary heritage of France. The interior of La Tour d'Argent is classically elegant, featuring antique furnishings, crisp white tablecloths, and sparkling chandeliers. The ambience is a refined luxury, where guests can enjoy a sophisticated dining experience in a setting that feels like a journey back in time. La Tour d'Argent is famed for its exceptional French cuisine, with a menu highlighting the best French culinary traditions while incorporating contemporary touches. The restaurant is particularly renowned for its signature dish, the "Canard à la Presse" (pressed duck), a classic of French gastronomy. Each dish is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, using the finest ingredients and presented with artistic flair.

Casa Suecia

$$$ Y Roof Top, C. Del Marqués De Casa Riera, 4, Planta Baja, 28014, Madrid
Spanish Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Casa Suecia is more than a venue, is gastronomy, is your home! A restaurant in the centre of Madrid, a rooftop terrace and a clandestine cocktail bar Enjoy the good times, they’re the ones that are remembered Casa Suecia opened its doors in Madrid in 1956. Being the heart and soul of Swedish community and a meeting point for intellectuals, it became one of the capital’s most emblematic buildings. A particular favorite of Swedish royal visits and the place to be for writers like Cortázar, Sábato or Hemingway. Nowadays Casa Suecia remains its legacy in a space decorated by Lázaro Rosa-Violán. At Casa Suecia we enjoy the good times, they are the ones you remember. Eat. Live. Love. A wide gastronomic proposal where you can enjoy from Monday to Friday (as long as it is a working day) its executive menu in the Lobby Bar, brunch on Saturday and Sunday: Bubble Brunch in the restaurant area and BBQ Brunch on its terrace, on the roof top. And, of course, a carefully selected menu where you can’t miss the God Save the House tasting menu and seasonal dishes as emblematic as the cocido madrileño with the arrival of cold weather.

Restaurante Katagi Blau

$$$$ Av. D'Amèrica, 2, 07600, Platja de Palma
International Elegant & Chic
KATAGI Blau lives up to its meaning “There is no other like it under the sun”. And there is no other place like it in the bay of Palma. In our rooftop, you will feel how Asia blends with Majorca in a unique and modern way in an idyllic location where the Mediterranean is the perfect companion for lunch, dinner or a signature cocktail with friends at Playa de Palma. KATAGI Blau is a singular gastronomic experience through which our chef Gunnar Blischke, highlights the sparkle of Asian food using exceptional products. The rooftop at Playa de Palma is KATAGI Blau’s scene. The perfect location of the restaurant is enhanced by a unique setting that takes you directly to the essence of Asia through our dishes. When the sun sets, the views from a rooftop in front of the bay of Palma overshadow any dusk in Majorca. Intensified by its vertical gardens and the perfect mixture of nature’s green and the golden sunset, the rooftop terrace has a carefully selected décor and the ideal extension to enjoy both space and intimacy.

ROOFTOP - Lounge Bar

$$$ Aleksander Moisiu, 9401, Vlorë
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Cocktail Bar
ROOFTOP - Lounge Bar, located in the scenic coastal city of Valona (Vlorë), Albania, is an exquisite establishment that blends elegance, comfort, and breathtaking views. Perched high above the city, this rooftop bar provides a panoramic vista of the stunning Albanian Riviera, the rolling hills, and the vibrant cityscape, making it an ideal spot for a memorable experience. The design of ROOFTOP - Lounge Bar is a perfect mix of modern luxury and relaxed sophistication. The venue features chic, contemporary furniture, stylish decor, and ambient lighting, creating an upscale and inviting atmosphere. Using glass and open spaces ensures that guests can enjoy the spectacular views from every angle, indoors or on the terrace. At ROOFTOP, guests can indulge in a wide range of expertly crafted cocktails, premium spirits, and an extensive selection of wines carefully chosen to cater to diverse tastes. The bartenders are renowned for their mixology skills, creating classic and innovative drinks that are visually appealing and delicious.

Shisha Room Bar & Lounge

$$$ Rruga Themistokli Gërmenji, 1001, Tirana
International European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Cocktail Bar
Shisha Room Bar & Lounge in Tirana, Albania, is a trendy and exotic establishment known for its vibrant ambience and unique shisha (hookah) experience. Nestled in a lively city area, this lounge has become a popular spot for locals and tourists, offering a blend of relaxation, entertainment, and social interaction. The interior of Shisha Room Bar & Lounge is a fusion of traditional Middle Eastern elements and contemporary design. Rich, warm colours and intricate patterns adorn the walls and furnishings, creating an inviting and cosy atmosphere. The lounge features comfortable seating arrangements, including plush sofas and low-lying tables, ideal for groups looking to unwind and enjoy the shisha experience. The lounge's extensive shisha menu features various themes, from classic favourites to unique blends. Each shisha is expertly prepared by experienced staff, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. In addition to shisha, the bar offers a selection of beverages, including exotic cocktails, fine wines, and a variety of non-alcoholic options.
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